An air conditioning system is one of the most important ones one can own. No matter whether you have an air conditioning system at your home or at your workplace. Taking care of them is very important for their long life but taking care of them does not only mean keeping them clean or on regular maintenance, there are several things that one can do on a daily basis that will not let the air conditioning system ask for repairs soon. The small things on a daily basis if followed will impact the life of your Air conditioning system very much in a positive manner. So here we have mentioned some of the important points that you can keep in mind for How to increase Life of AC systems.: 

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  1. The area around the condenser unit of your air-con system shall be cleaned on a regular basis. The reason is that the dust and other stuff can get into the outdoor unit which can result in low performance and it will also force the unit to use more power. 
  2. The vents should be vacuumed regularly and they shall never be blocked. The vacuuming of vents allows the system to maintain a constant airflow reducing the pressure on the system. Moreover, items like furniture, curtains, toys, etc, shall be kept away from the blocking of vents.  
  3. The heat-producing appliances like lamps shall be kept away from the thermostat. If, in case you keep the heat-producing appliances near the thermostat, the thermostat will record the temperature of air a bit higher. This will result in more pressure and more work for your air conditioning system.
  4. Try to keep the room dark and cool. You can keep your room cool by using decorative things like curtains, blinds, drapes, etc. These items will stop sunlight from getting into your room making the room a bit colder than usual. It will lower the pressure on your air conditioning system. 
  5. Always keep your drain line clean. The drain line by the indoor cooling coil can be blocked sometimes. So, all you have to do is to flush down the one cup of chlorine bleach in your air conditioning indoor drain line and rinse it thoroughly. 
  6. If you are using heat-producing items like a dryer, oven, etc at the time when the temperature is at its peak then you shall stop doing it. The use of these items will only increase the temperature of your property or room, which will be bad for the air conditioner of yours. 
  7. In case, there is exposed ductwork at your home or property which is easily reachable then you shall insulate that. The reason is simple, the exposed area is more prone to get damaged than the hidden ones. This could lead to leakage and other problems. 

These are some of the tips about How to increase Life of AC systems you can follow to make your air conditioning last longer, and of course, regular maintenance from a professional is a must.

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