What is Electric Drain Cleaning?

Have a blocked drainage system? Well, fret no more! Electric Drain Cleaning can come to your ultimate rescue.

What is a drain cleaner?

A drain cleaner is an electrical or chemical consumer product that helps to unblock the sewer pipes as well as prevents the clogged drain occurrences. There are 2 categories in which drain cleaners fall into:

  • Chemical drain cleaner and
  • Electric drain cleaner.

What is an electric drain cleaner?

Electric drain cleaners are the plumber’s snakes. Such cleaners use an electric motor’s mechanical force in order to twist a flexible cable and spring in a clockwise direction and then drive it into a pipe. Electric drain cleaners are generally available with the cable lengths of up to 40 meters and they can go as far as 80 meters.

They have several advantages, such as:

  • They can clean the long sections of the sewer drain.
  • Additionally, have the ability to remove the solid objects such as jewelry and tree roots.
  • They are readily available in the hardware stores as well as tool rental counters.
  • Machines that use springs can easily negotiate multiple 90-degree bends with maintaining efficiency and without damaging the pipe

The disadvantages of the electric drain cleaners include high weight and relative cost along with the considerable physical effort required to control the cable. Consider a few safety measures while using the electric drain cleaners such as taking eye protection and wearing work gloves. These measures carefully control the cable during the operation and avoid overstressing. It is important to use the appropriate caution while working around the rotating machinery. Properly grounded electrical outlets are also important to use in this regard.

Determining the electric drain cleaning equipment

In order to determine the electric drain cleaning equipment, the most important factor is the length of the pipe and the diameter of the drain. The drain diameter, material, and the length determine the equipment size. It is obvious that the larger diameter drains require larger diameter cable, more power as well as cleaning attachments. On the other hand, the smaller diameter pipes generally require smaller diameter attachments. The other two important factors are the kind of clog and the type of drain.

It is very important to determine the proper size equipment in order to clean a drain effectively. If a small machine is used in the cleaning of a large line, then the whole cleaning attempt will be ineffective. As a result, the line may either stay clogged or slightly open and ready to clog again. On the other hand, if a large machine is used for a smaller pipe, then it will face difficulty in order to guide the heavier cable through the line.

Cast iron, steel or even copper pipes can create corrosion. It is essential to check these materials as well as the flowing material that flows through them. Condensate return drains face hot water and steam. They combine to produce the carbonic acid that gradually corrodes the steel or copper pipe wall and may break off causing blockages at bends.

Hiring professional electric drain cleaning services

It is all due to the technicalities of the electric drain cleaner that it is highly recommended to hire electric drain cleaning services for the best results.

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