5 Ways to Deal with Blocked Drain Due To Storm Water

Did you ever notice clogged drains especially after a storm? Well, why does that happen?

This is probably because during a storm, there is heavy gush of water which carries debris with itself including leaves, twigs, soil, broken branches and several other things which blocks the drains. The clogging of drains is due to excess deposits of debris in a short time span.

A blocked drain can be irritating and proper measures are required to prevent and solve the problem. To prevent the problem of blockage, due to storm water, proper vigilance and frequent check up is necessary especially during rainy season.

Below are 5 effective ways to deal with blocked drain due to storm water

  • When you notice a large puddle forming around the drain or water passing slowly then, you know it’s time to check your drain. This would prevent the situation from getting worse. High pressure water jet is effective equipment that removes the stuck objects and also cleans the material build up inside the drain.
  • Personal inspection is neceessary. There may be some objects which you can remove easily with a towing machine. Check for the pipes as sometimes some insects build their nests which may block the water flow. Regular clearing and cleaning of the pipes may prevent this problem.
  • Boiling water is a very common and easy option when the sludge is more of mud and not pieces of objects or twigs. Boiling water can easily unblock the drain in such cases. Certain enzymes can also help in clearing the blockage. A mix of salt, sodium bi-carbonate, vinegar and hot water in 1:1:2:2 ratios respectively can clear various types of blockages due to soap, fat deposits or soluble organic material.
  • Plunger is a tool that forces air into the drain to clear the blockage. Take measures to seal the drain. Also, keep wet cloth around it to clear the drain.
  • For removing difficult objects and even roots of trees, use a drain auger. It’s better to take professional help if the clogged drain condition is serious. Using a drain auger requires skill and experience, so use it only when it is necessary under an expert supervision.

Hire Best Drain Blockage Services

Blocked drain due to storm water is a common thing that happens during rainy seasons and storms. It’s better to prevent it by keeping things under check. Also, keep a  few things ready like a drain unblocking agent. One such popular product is Drain-O. Further, chemicals like HCL acid and caustic soda can also be poured into the drain to clear difficult blockages. Leave the chemical for half an hour and eventually it clears up after that.

However, if the situation seems to be getting worse, it is highly recommended to hire proper drain unblocking services from professionals.

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